Young Adults Working for the Environment

(front l-r Steve Young, Courtney Smith, Sean Pierce, Abbey Toomer, Geoni Gayle. Rear l-r Charles Van-dental!, Andrew Oliver, Chris Butler, Shane Murphy, DeAndre Pierce, Spencer Stitt, Dante Sanchious.)

CTW expanded into conservation and environmental services a couple of years ago with federal, state, city, county and nonprofit partners.  As a 21CSC (21st Conservation Service Corps) operator, we have completed significant projects such as recent trail building and maintenance in Osceola National Forest, Big Gum Swamp, Apalachicola National Forest, Bradwell Bay Wilderness Area, Florida National Scenic Trail, and training crew in trail building with a new startup corps on the Gulf Coast, CCFC, as well as a summer youth program at DeSoto National Forest.

We are positioning crew and crew leaders through training programs and we anticipate improving public lands and waterways in fiscal year 2016 with the following agencies:

US Forests and CTW/YACC, as a 21CSC, 21st Century Conservation Service Corps operator have entered into a partnership through a Master Agreement and will provide two trail crews to a forest in the southeast.

National Park Service and CTW/YACC have been participating on monthly calls and we will be working at Big Cypress National Park and other national parks this year with YCC, PLC and Gulf Coast Restore funding.

Restore Council approved 8 million for Gulf Coast Restoration Corps program which is the conservation corps proposal with TCN and DOC/NOAA to utilize conservation corps in the 5 Gulf States to do some significant work restoring impacted coastal areas.  CTW/YACC now have 12 crew certified with Waders in the Wader (WitW) provided by Trout Headwaters, Inc.   CTW/YACC plans to participate in a big way with this as well as other projects in the Gulf Coast

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