Young Adults Working in Transportation


(l-r back row Charles Vanderhall, Crew and Chris Butler, Supervisor)

(l-4 front row Geoni Gayle, Crew Chief and Dante Sanchious, Crew )

Another successful year for the Youth Work Experience Program where fee for service revenues earned will be $1,200,000 for the second year in a row in 2016 with contracts in several areas of Florida.  CTW’s partnership with FDOT since 2007 has allowed our young adults (18-25 years old and up to 29 in leadership roles) and up to 35 year old veterans to do work that matters while improving their lives and their communities.  They are mentored and trained in paid positions on the job in roadside maintenance activities.   The work includes vegetation (mowing, weed eating, tree removal, clearing) and fence installation (chain link and farm), concrete mitered end installation, sign washing, guardrail.  They work hard and the revenues support their youth development program where they receive life management skills, certifications and trainings to help obtain their personal and career goals. Participants obtain on the job training plus earn GED’s, diplomas, driver’s licenses, certifications, CDL’s as well as micro loans and grants for legal and unexpected expenses.  With increased qualifications, CTW graduates obtain permanent employment or go back school.


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